South Bank Short Lines is a model railway club. We meet in each others homes where we work on layouts, chat, watch videos, have a speaker or have a demonstration or clinic. Occasionally we visit layouts or facilities outside of our own club.


The club has closed membership - that is, it isn't a club you can sign up to join. This is largely because of limited room for seating within our homes. Occasionally a member will bring someone along to a meeting or three, and if there is interest in joining the club, and this is someone we think will contribute to the club,  and if we have an opening for an extra member, this person may be invited to join the club.


We are located in Calgary and have no club layout or facilities.


We meet on most Monday evenings September through June and have a few activities besides. We run the annual Boomer Auction for model railway stuff at great prices (click here), participate in Supertrain with demonstrations and clinics and helping kids build cardboard stations.


We have an annual Christmas Dinner with our wives, in August of course, because why would you clutter up Christmas.


We currently have 12 members, scattered around and near the city. While most members have a layout and some have us work on their layout, others let us run trains on theirs, while  some don't have a layout but participate in the hobby in other ways.