The first Saturday after Thanksgiving, SBSL holds a model railroad auction at At St. Andrews Presbyterian Church on Heritage Drive, east of Elbow Drive. We auction of locomotives, rolling stock, books, artwork and memorabilia, also track and power packs and dcc stuff, building kits and scenickingĀ supplies. Usually there are a few brass items (the only items allowed to have a reserve price).


The auction is a great way to populate your layout for an excellent price, often a third or less of retail, though some knowledge of what things cost at retail is helpful. Turnouts for example have become very expensive at retail, yet can sell at the auction for one quarter of that. An item that is 'in demand' because of quality or uniqueness, or because it's in a road name that many seek locally can sell for near retail, but if you aren't as fussy about the road name, great bargains are to be had.


We run a diner at the auction, selling sandwiches, coffee, pop, doughnuts, hot dogs etc. for very reasonable prices. Alan Pile has worked in food prep professionally and maintains high standards for quality, freshness and cleanliness for both the food and the help (us).

Sellers start setting up tables at 8:30 and viewing starts at the same time.

A recent change is that as a seller you can put a reserve on any item, for a non-refundable fee - so you want the reserve amount to be reasonable - not what you want, but what is the absolute minimum you would take at the end of the day. Our members can help you with pricing. With the cost of sound equipped locos in $400+, and G scale buyers not being abundant, this can be sensible.


Click HERE to see the current auction flyer.